July 30, 2014

On Set Pictures From The 2nd Episode Of Season 7

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July 29, 2014

July 28, 2014

Esplanie Scoop

Any scoop on Castle’s Esplainie?–Marine
In a word from series creator Andrew W. Marlowe, “Yeah” – but I truly believe him, based on some body language I picked up on as he said. It. “We do have a couple of things that we’re working on, in that relationship,” he added. (To which I suggested: They should quickly make use of the wedding venue! He laughed: “If only we could go back there and afford the location fee!”)

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July 25, 2014

Interview Video: Nathan Fillion Talks Season 7 At SDCC

July 23, 2014

Nathan Fillion geeks out about Star Trek's William Shatner

Comic-Con: See Nathan Fillion as 'Star Trek's' Captain Kirk (Video)

The "Castle" star poses as William Shatner's most well-known persona for THR's Comic-Con preview issue: "I've been fortunate enough to have met [him]. That's a big deal to me."

This story first appeared in the Aug. 1 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

In a world where TV shows get canceled quickly and forgotten just as fast, Joss Whedon's sci-fi Western Firefly -- which gave Fillion his first starring role -- remains the anomaly, as it's more popular 10 years after its demise than it ever was during its only season. Now, at 43, Fillion is cresting into the seventh year of ABC's Castle, which has created a rabid following to sit alongside Firefly's still-growing legion of fans.

PHOTOTitans of Comic-Con: Stars Re-Create Classic Characters

What's your relationship with the Firefly fans, the "Browncoats"?

They have always been there, since the show started. There's just so many more of them now. They don't go away. You meet children who are named for characters on the show. Now I know Firefly will never die.

Is there anyone you still geek out over?

I've been fortunate enough to have met William Shatner. That's a big deal to me. Hearing his voice -- I know the man is a stranger to me, but it triggered something inside of me. A familiarity. I feel comfortable when I hear his voice. It's such a bizarre experience to be actually in his presence.

STORY Comic-Con: 12 Events Not to Miss

What's your favorite part of each convention?

I love being in front of a big group of people who are already super-excited; their adrenaline's flowing. There's a really positive wavelength of energy. And then they laugh at my crappiest jokes. For me, that's Comic-Con.

July 19, 2014

Season 7 Premiere: On Set Pictures

July 15, 2014

David Amann & Andrew Marlowe Talk About Season 7

What doesn’t kill Case stands to make “Caskett” stronger. That’s the message from the ABC series’ new showrunner, David Amman, and creator Andrew W. Marlowe, both of whom spoke with TVLine Tuesday at a Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour soiree.

For starters, and to put a final nail in any scurrilous speculation, Amann was not promoted to showrunner in the name of “undoing” any perceived problems with the May finale, which left bride Beckett discovering the fiery wreckage of her groom’s car.

“Andrew and I have been working together since I arrived on the show five years ago,” Amann shared. “He’s still very much a part of the show and he’s going to be very much involved. The vision is going to remain the same.”

Meaning, Amann’s first order of business will not be to, for example, reveal in the September premiere that it was all just a dream. “No, that’s not what we’re going to be saying!” he affirms with a laugh. Adds Marlowe: “And when the fans see what we are doing, they’re going to be happy that it’s not a dream. We did what we did for a reason — to open up some new mythology, to have some really fun storytelling coming up. Those fans who are less-than-thrilled should reserve judgement until they see the first few shows of the season.”

Without revealing anything further about the who or why of Castle’s seemingly fatal car crash — other than to say the season premiere picks up immediately afterwards, with Beckett still in her wedding dress, distraught — Amann assures the show’s fans that the eventual impact on Rick and Kate’s romance will be an empowering one.

“We are as committed to their relationship as Castle and Beckett are — they are deeply in love and they have overcome a great many challenges already,” Amann says, “so whatever [has happened] is not going to tear them apart. If anything, it will make them stronger.”

Marlowe echoes Amann, teasing that “a lot of questions are going to be raised, but the two of them are going to face those questions together. We’re not looking to significantly alter the trajectory of their relationship or pull the rug out from under the audience. We’re looking to open up some really interesting aspects of storytelling for the Castle character, who hasn’t been as deeply explored as Beckett over the past six years — and we’re really excited by that opportunity.”

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ABC President Talks About Showrunner Change On Castle

CASTLE underwent a sizable behind-the-scenes shakeup last month when series creator Andrew Marlowe stepped down, and long-time executive producer David Amann took over main showrunning responsibilities. 

But, when ABC President Paul Lee spoke with reporters after his Television Critics Association press tour executive session, he reiterated that Marlowe is remaining a huge part of the show’s creative team. 

“The truth is, Andrew is deeply involved in it,” Lee said. “Andrew is so passionate about it. We just read one of the episodes he wrote. Our [new] showrunner is great, and he knows all about the show, [but] this is Andrew’s baby. Andrew’s not going to let it go. And he’s going to make sure this season is every bit as good as last. [CASTLE']s another one of our underrated success stories — [Marlowe]‘s a great showrunner.”

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June 24, 2014

Nathan Fillion To Appear In Guardians Of The Galaxy After All

A few days ago we reported that Nathan Fillion might be playing another character named Richard in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's movie Guardians Of The Galaxy. It was being said he would take on the role of Richard Rider in the movie that will be released on the first day of August this year. Richard Rider is the secret identity of the superhero Nova, who has some interactions with the Guardians in the comic books.

Unfortunately the director and writer of one of the most looked forward to movies of the year, James Gunn, denied that Nathan would play the role on Twitter.

Nathan's fans noticed that the Tweet was constructed in a way that it wasn't completely clear if Nathan would be in the movie or not, so they kept asking Gunn about this. Eventually Gunn revealed for the first time that Nathan would have a cameo in the movie.

Nathan's fans tried to get more out of the director, who is can be known for his work on Scooby-Do, Slither, and Dawn of the Dead, but Gunn didn't want to say anything else, except that he hadn't told any lies about Nathan's involvement in the movie.

James Gunn wouldn't tell more about Nathan's cameo, but an inside source talked to Schmoesknow.com and told them Nathan Fillion will voice the character of Cosmo, a Russian talking cosmonaut dog.

In the comics, the dog became the Security Chief of the space station Knowhere. We suspect that is where the Guardians will end up sometime during the movie and meet Cosmo there.

This part seems perfect for Nathan, as it appears to be a fun part that will be good for some comic relief. It fits right into the geek god's alley. Especially if he, as talking dog, would have a conversation with Rocket, a talking Raccoon.

A fun Castle fact is that on the show, Richard Castle gave a baby the name Cosmo in the episode The Good, The Bad & The Baby. We wonder if he knew about his part in his good friend's new movie when the episode was shot already.a

Are you excited about Nathan Fillion's role in Guardian Of The Galaxy?

June 23, 2014

The Men Of ABC

June 21, 2014

Nathan Fillion Joins The Marvel Cinematic Universe As Superhero Nova In Guardians Of The Galaxy *UPDATED*


James Gunn, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy denies the news unfortunately in his tweet:

@JamesGunn: The rumors of my pal @NathanFillion playing Nova in #guardiansofthegalaxy have been greatly (and entirely) exaggerated. Sorry, humans.

Today is the day, fellow fanboys! Nathan Fillion, our golden Captain of Firefly fame, has finally joined Marvel Studios in a big BIG way.

Obvious spoilers below.

According to a mighty internet sleuth, Nathan Fillion will play Richard Rider (aka the superhero Nova) in this summer’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. That’s right. After he was skeeted out of the Green Lantern gig (I love Ryan Reynolds, but he shouldn’t have been Hal Jordan) Nathan Fillion has a proper marquee role.

He’ll supposedly have a teeny tiny role in Guardians, but this will almost certainly lead to bigger and better things. If he doesn’t appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, then he’ll surely appear in some other cosmic movie. I imagine an Annihilation themed flick with intersecting Cosmic heroes. Minus Silver Surfer, of course, since he belongs to Fox Studios.

With DC’s own Justice League movie releasing in 2017, Marvel’s upping the ante. Nova’s obviously inspired by the Green Lantern Corp, so by introducing a fan favorite like Fillion as the lead so much sooner than WB’s rebooted Hal Jordan, Marvel claims influence over the whole ‘outer space superhero cops’ genre. After all, the fickle world of general movie goers only have room in their heart’s for one interstellar detective, and supposing Marvel Studios delivers a compelling Fillion Nova, they’ll easily claim masses.

 NATHAN FILLION Joins Marvel Universe in a HUGE Way

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June 19, 2014

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